Adventures in Creativity


I’ve worn many hats through my long and varied career, from marketing and public relations to illustration and design in several different industries. The one constant has been the creativity I’ve tried to bring to each challenge.

When I started my own business as a couture designer for skating, dancing, and performing competitors, I applied everything I’d learned so-far to building a company that met the needs of my exclusive clientele. Now, I’m dedicated to bringing that wealth of knowledge to others who wish to create for themselves or professionally. This space is dedicated to those Makers who can turn an idea into reality. Here you’ll find links to my books and publications featuring project guides and entertaining information, in addition to lively discussions and a welcoming community of other Makers who generously share their experiences and skills with YOU, our readers.

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The Winning Image – Sewell Designs LLC

A Tour of My Studio


I love to see where people work! I’m also fascinated by tools and organizational systems, so it’s no wonder that I would take great pleasure (and pride) in outfitting my own studio and sharing it with friends…

The studio is actually an upstairs bedroom with a huge closet (one of the benefits of having an older house – all our bedrooms have big closets and we’re all very thankful for them since we’re all packrats!). You’ll notice that when I’ve run out of space on the floor — I simply went UP! So, floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall….there’s plenty of room to work and lots of tools and inspiration to encourage creativity and productivity. Enjoy the tour…

Welcome to My New Blog!


…and thanks for bearing with me as I learn a new trick! I’ve recently switched to a WordPress platform (it just seemed like a good time to switch now that I’m working with a Mac and somehow “lost” all my old FrontPage files), so currently I’m at the bottom of a pretty steep learning curve. I’m really hoping to apply some more interesting graphics and design elements as I get further along, so please come back often and see what I’ve learned!

Starting fresh with a new site is also giving me the opportunity to re-frame my career and re-prioritize my life. I’ve spent the last few years as a homemaker after semi-retirement from my couture costume business, so the decision to re-enter the business world and offer my talents, experience, and expertise is exciting – and a little scary! I’ve been fortunate to have been able to spend the last few years working on home, family, and volunteer projects; and I’m thankful that I’ve had the time to read, study, write and carefully consider what I can contribute to the world. Now I’ve finally decided…..the stars are aligned, my mind is made up, my family is behind me……so how can I fail?